what’s next?

The Plan

step 01

After you submit a message, we will reach out via email or text, usually within 24 to 48hrs. You can expect to receive a questionnaire from us to confirm some details. We will then have a call to discuss your vision, location, and wants.

The Sign & Seal

Step 02

To set everything in stone, we will create a contract for the service you're requesting. Shortly afterward, you will receive an invoice where you can pay as little or as often as you want on your requested service, as long as it is paid two weeks before.

The Big Day

Step 03

The day of the session will be one of the most simple days of your life. Since we’ll have everything planned ahead of time, all you have to do is have fun, enjoy every moment and be yourselves.

The Sneak Peak

step 04

In 24 to 48hrs you will get a small preview containing 3 - 5 pictures of some of the very best pictures from your day.

The Flash Back

step 05

Depending on the service you selected, you will receive your first photo preview in 1 - 2 weeks, with photos from the day. This will arrive to you as a digital gallery where you can view all of your photos.

The Dreams

step 06

Pick and choose what dreams you would like to purchase in your digital gallery. There are an assortment of pruducts for you to choose from including photo albums, prints, metal & wooden wall art and much more.

The Delivery

step 07

About a month after your emperience you will recieve the new and updated gallery with all the edited photos from your special day. Depending on the products you choose to purchase, you can expect them to arrive shortly afterwards if they have not already.